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Finishing Line Press is the home of the New Women's Voices Chapbook Series, the New Women's Voices Prize in Poetry, the Finishing Line Press Prize in Poetry, the Starting Gate Award, and the FLP Kentucky Poetry Book Prize.  We are now accepting submissions for

  • New Women's Voices Chapbook Competition ANNUAL DEADLINE: April 30
  • Open Chapbook Competition: ANNUAL DEADLINE: Oct. 31
  • Poetry Book manuscripts are being accepted now.
  • The Paddock Review is accepting submissions now.
  • General Submissions for chapbook manuscripts. (We read general submissions year round.) 

We have no reading fee in November.


FLP is a proud member of CLMP

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Finishing Line Press is accepting submissions for our online journal THE PADDOCK REVIEW. 

Please submit 1 - 3 quality poems.  

Previously published poems are okay--please let us know where so we can give first credit to the publisher.  If your poems are from your book (any publisher), please let us know and we will give a shout out for that too.  

Simultaneous submissions are okay.

Please include a short bio with your submission. 

Visit us at
This submissions is open only to our current Finishing Line Press authors (those with forthcoming or previously published titles). If you are not a Finishing Line Press author, please do not submit using this link--please exit out of this category and submit through the relevant category.

Finishing Line Press authors:  FLP would love to see your new manuscript! Please submit it here.  There is no reading fee for FLP authors submitting for our general consideration. If you are submitting to a contest, please exit out of this category and submit through the relevant contest.  We must charge entry fees for contests to support the prize.  However, we have no reading for general chapbook or book submissions made by FLP authors.





Finishing Line Press will gladly accept full-length poetry book manuscripts, and we do not require a reading fee/processing fee for full-length poetry manuscripts shipped to us via regular post.  We are specifically looking for poetry book manuscripts up to 100 pages and no less than 48 pages of poetry.   Please mail (via regular post) your manuscript to:



Finishing Line Press

P O Box 1626

Georgetown, KY 40324



If you prefer submitting online, there is a $3 processing fee.  (It’s cheaper to submit electronically—save the stamps, save the trees, and save the SASE.)  To submit online:


 We are always open to publishing a good chapbook.

CHAPBOOKS: Submit up to 35 pages of poetry, PLUS bio, acknowledgments, SASE and cover letter.

POETRY BOOKS: Submit up to 48-100 pages of poetry, PLUS bio, acknowledgments, SASE and cover letter.
There is no limit for other genres.  Please send what you like but only one manuscript per submission.  Please include 
bio, acknowledgments, SASE and cover letter.  
Yes, we do consider works of fiction, graphic novels and children's books.

To submit online click on button below:

For mailed submissions

Send to
Finishing Line Press
P O Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324

A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with the correct postage must accompany all mailed manuscripts. A SASE is needed for any kind of response, even if the writer does not want the material returned.

A good photocopy of the manuscript or a computer printout, rather than the original, should be sent. Finishing Line Press is not responsible for lost manuscripts.

FLP has no reading fee during the month of November.  November is our annual open reading period for all genres.

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